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Rock & Roll.. DAY-2

Rock and roll.
The Day 2
By Garima, Gauri & Chayanpreet
It was a very long day and it was full of work. Everyone had 3 hours of sleep. There were beds but no kids in it. Everyone enjoyed chatting, dancing and clicking pictures.Living in the school is by far my best experience. There were no restrictions and all the teachers were cool enough to let us have fun in our way. The whole atmosphere was jovial.

Although we slept late, decorum was maintained in every form since we woke up early and got ready. Everything was prim and proper. The breakfast was arranged by our 9 standard students very systematically. All sorts of varieties could be seen.

And just after this everyone started working on their allotted work fields like music video, animation, interview, writing articles and documentry, short films, poetry based films. Team work was evident everywhere. Children toiled really hard and this was possible only under the guidance of Meenakshi maam and Vinay sir.

Everyone suited up for the evening concert of Michael Greilsammer in the Lodi restaurant,Jor bagh. The place had an amazing ambience with great lights and sitting arrangements. We saw the band practicing for their performance. After some time Meenakshi maam arranged for a meeting with them. They introduced us with VJ Mira and told us about Musical art.

The band told us how everyone should believe in themselves and learn from partners work as well. Before seeing the final band performance we went to Eatopia, Indian habitat centre nearby to have dinner. We had a spendid time being with friends and eating some oh-so-tasty and delicious food. We were completely bloated and had no space for more food.

Then we headed back to the performance, and we were completely dumbstruck by the loud music and the blue funky lights. The whole jam was insanely brilliant and the talent of the main singer gave us goosebums. He played violen like nobody else and that tune mesmerised us. His style was different from others, that is the reason why their music was hypnotic.

It was once in a life time experience for all the kids. We cheered till our throats dried. Then we got the opportunity to meet “Michael G.” which was highly cherishable.

We are so thankful to Chinh as they organised such an inspiring and fabulous trip which empowered us with ICT & Life Skills. After so much of hardwork the evening was the cherry on the cake.


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