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Hustle & Bustle DAY 3 Media & Art Camp

Since we all were very tired by attending the concert that we slept early. In the morning we woke up around 8 am, and somehow felt rejuvenated. The morning had a strange & a calm vibe about itself. We freshened up and headed to the breakfast table. Every Sunday there is a satsang organised in our school by the preachers of Dada Ji. We had the privilege to attend and be a part of it. The atmosphere was very light, spiritual and holy. It was spine chilling; we all sang our school bhajans with pride. We saw a message from Dada J.P Vaswani about Art of living. His inspiring words had so much depth and meaning.

After this we started giving final touches required for our work fields. We took advices from Meenakshi maam and Vinay sir. We edited our flaws. This is the first time when education is so fantastically collaborated with fun activities. Students were seen deeply engrossed in work (which is rare).

Then the best part came…… “Photo shoot” 

We dressed up, applied a little makeup and we were set to shine. Every student looked charismatic and gorgeous. Sir was the Photographer and maam was the consultant, she guided us and corrected us in every possible manner. She helped us to explore the best angle of our body. She was able to inculcate confidence in us. Students could feel their importance because of their individual photo shoots.

 For a happy and a memorable trip, at the end students organised for their own DJ party. New colors could be seen; a lot of Shakira’s and Maddona’s were discovered. But every trip has to end. We all were gloomy and sad to go home. Never felt this eager to stay at school ever before. Hope school organises for more such trips. We had the best of the best time here. In just 3 days, a drastic change in the students could be seen. We whole heartedly thank the school and the Chinh india media club for an unforgettable experience. 


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