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“Can you Count your Rights?” An International Session by Greek Expert Ms. Renne Gkatsi

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On 16th April 2014, students of SVISG -Chinh Media Club organized a seminar on the topic ‘Human Rights and Domestic Violence’. The speaker immanent was Ms. Renee Gaksi from Greece. She is a human-rights activist and an award winning filmmaker.
A report by Rini Singh, XI class student, SVISG
On 16th April 2014, students of Chinh Media Club organized a seminar on the topic ‘Human Rights and Domestic Violence’. The speaker immanent was Ms. Renee Gaksi from Greece. She is a human-rights activist and a filmmaker. This interactive seminar covered several key-points that need to be discussed in order to have a better understanding about the main topic.
We started off with a dialogue about the basic human right, that comprise the right to life, right of information, right to speech , etc. We also discussed the women’s rights, to vote, to employment and gender equality, and their importance in the society. Ms. Renee and the students conversed about the differences between the sociological standing of the women of India and Greece. Turns out, there are as many differences as similarities. Mostly the same problems arose in each country.
After that, a movie was screened which communicated the importance of embracing our differences, whether gender-based, religion or culture based, or any social stereotype. The discussion of this movie implored the need to accept the differences that exist.
Further conversation on the negatives and positives of the feminist movement was ensued. Overall the round table was a success, as it was informative, interactive and fun. The session was a part of Class Symposiums and seminars with eminent speakers that is part of our media literacy curriculum for seniors this year.
The thought processes evoked during the session culminated in three subsequent sessions on 21st, 23rd and 28th April in school with the Greek expert to create short films on “Can you count your rights” where we worked on expressing our thoughts on camera, composed poetry and shot visual narrative in outdoors. An interesting student exchange with Summer Fields School students in the session on 21st April infused new perspectives under “peer learning”. It was a wonderful experience that would stay with us in years to come.

Remarks by Meenakshi Vinay Rai, initiaters of SVISG CHINH Media Literacy project &
Founders CHINH Early Education Web Channel,
It is heartening to see how young people engage with issues in an environment that is largely controlled by them in a guided framework. Right from designing the themes to choosing the speakers and giving media voices to acquired rich perspectives; they have evolved as empowered individuals. The films produced by students are under production and awaiting a world premiere on

Short summary
On 16th April, SVISG Media Students of Class XI organised a session by Greek Expert Ms. Renne, winner of Plural Plus award at UNAoC on an interesting theme “Can You Count Your Rights?” under their media literacy curriculum framework (i.e organising class seminars and symposiums). The session generated inquiries, questions and interactions based on human rights, violence on women and comparative analysis of challenges faced by women in developed and developing countries. Ms. Renne also showcased a small film to demonstrate her view point in response to the questions asked by the students. The issue of insecurities and challenges of being a woman was discussed from various perspectives of media construction and media messages. The girls enthusiastically participated in the session as it seemed to have touched a chord with them. The feminist movemement and its impact of women was also discussed. Ms. Anuradha Sangal supervised the session and Ms. Shruti Rai moderated the entire session raising and prompting interesting questions and perspectives on the issue. The session was concluded with a plan of action to create short films in form of media voices on “Can you Count your Rights” by XI class students under the guidance of Renne on following Monday and Wednesday @ SVISG.


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