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Student Exchange Session under CHINH “Peer Learning” Initiative 2014

Student Exchange Session with Summer Field School student under CHINH Community Service Initiative
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Under the guidance of Ms. Akanksha, Students from Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony, New Delhi were there in Media Literacy Cell of SVISG under Student Exchange Program in framework of “Peer Learning”. A short film titled “Rakesh” was screened for the students to make them familiar with innovative community service models linked with media literacy.The film helped students to explore community service in an entirely different perspectives with a focus on engaging their acquired skills into generating livelihood models that can be linked with communities in a manner that would be sustainable and unique in concepts and implementation. An inspiring exchange session was held under “CHINH Badsi” concept where students share an informal space in outdoor ambiance. Students of both the schools discussed their experiences reflecting their views on human rights and development. The students loved the idea of student exchange as it connected them with peers on level of engaging in a social dialogue involving issues that matter.

Students Exchange Program @ SVISG with Nirmal Bhartia School on 12th May 2014




A student Exchange program under “Peer Learning” was organized by CHINH in SVISG Music Department under the leadership of Mrs. Deepshikha Nigam Sood on “Innovation in Folk Music” Heading the music department, she has to her credit introduction of rare folk nomadic instrument into music curriculum at SVISG. The students of Nirmal Bhartiya School accompanied with Mrs. Sriparna Mukherjee joined the exchange program on 12th May.
The comments below from the participants of the Nirmal Bhartiya school and their educator Mrs. Sriparna Mukherjee speak volumes about the success of this innovative program.
It’s a lifetime experience for me and for the students as they not learn about a new instrument but also its origin, how it is made and its professional aspect. We all are very excited to collaborate with chinh and SVISG in their cultural events so that the students get the feel of the soil and are exposed to the world. Sriparna Mukherjee, educator NBS
I used to learn classical music but left it. But after seeing the video and the windows of opportunity for the recognition of music and dance I have started respecting these art forms.
Sruthi Balakrishnan, student NBS
It was a new and a very enriching experience for me. I have never seen anything like this before and for first time am very excited to be a part of this exchange programme and am looking to have more sessions like this. Karthika Ashok, student NBS
It was a mesmerizing informative and interactive session. We got to know that the unregarded people of the society can have such an influence on the whole world. Deepshikha, student NBS
It was a wonderful experience and we learnt something very new and different. We leant about a new instrument and its origin. This session taught us to respect various art forms. Diksha Sinha, student NBS
Very interesting and innovative session, I really liked interacting with the students and teacher of other School. The structure of this workshop was very simple and practical based where students have learnt bapang through the method of “learning by doing”. The short films presented by media club were highly experiential. This was a musical success so I propose more Inter School student exchange programmers in future.
Deepshikha nigam Sood, Head of Music Department, SVISG


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