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SVISG Preschoolers engage with Art, Culture & Media !!!

Camp 1camp 3

Event : “Art- Culture- Media Camp” for Pre primary kids

Date : 18th October, 2014
Venue : SVISG Audiotorium
Project Guide : Mrs. Neeta Rastogi (Principal)
Idea conceived by : Ms. Anamkia Bhasin, Head – Pre-Primary Department
Idea Appreciation : Ms. Neeta Rastogi (Principal)
Idea Facilitation : Mrs. Nirmal Bhalla (Vice Principal)
Idea Implementation : CHINH Early Education Web Channel
Documentation : CHINH SVISG Media Club
Execution Team : Ms. Amrita Singh, Ms. Neelam Kalia, Ms. Prabhleen Kaur, Ms. Sonel Sikri, Ms. Neetu Singh, Ms. Garima Kakkar

camp 2 aCamp 2camp 9g

Primary Department in collaboration with Chinh Early Education Web Channel, winner of Digital Inclusion Award for the best ICT project in Education organised one day “Art – Culture – Media Camp” on 18th October in the school premises from 9.30 to 12.30 pm.

The camp was designed by the team of pre-primary educators led by Ms. Anamika Bhasin and CHINH to empower kids in exploring, understanding and enquiring about Art, Culture & Media through their own perspective in guided environment with professionals using pedagogical approach with hands-on activities.
The day started with Amusement Activities and kids were amused at their grand welcome by mimicker, Charlie Chaplin and happiness volunteers (students of class V) amidst them shaking hands and greeting them with welcome sweets.


camp 8acamp 9c

camp 9aacamp 9ff
The camp opened with a touching gesture by Principal Madam Neeta Rastogi who graciously invited one preschooler to light the lamp. A montage of activites that were supposed to be unfold in the camp was presented to kids to acquaint them with the team of workshoppers who were guiding different activities per group.
The camp started with award winning films from CHINH Filmy Basta. Well designed Group Activities based on hands-on experience in varied art forms kept kids engaged and enthused. While ICT based activity “I-PAD Mclaren Animation” oriented kids on “Animation”, a window into street culture was opened to kids in the form of monkey show.

camp 4camp 7
On one hand, Mural Making Guided by the 3Rs principle Reuse, Recycle, Recreate had kids captivated in passing waste I-D card plastic borders in shape of rectangle through the rope, , on the other hand a three canvas corners set up for paint activities witnessed the brush strokes of energetic kids splashed all over. Bold colours on the canvas captured kids imaginations well. Another corner had kids busy painting a wood log and a bamboo fence.

camp 9ecamp 9acamp 9d
Anytime snack corner packed with fruits and juice kept kids charged to move from one activity to another.
Towards the end, kids were trained in Bapang Aerobics weaved smartly with “Opposite Words”. In fun-filled format, kids not only were made to invent their own dance moves but also engaged into learning “opposites”. Beats of Bapang, a rare nomadic folk drum filled children with happiness and enthusiasm. Restlessness, chaos and excitement filled the premises with hustle and bustle that was left the workshop experts and educators in best of spirits. Kids didn’t want the camp to come to an end and that marked the success of this camp. After having participated in each of the activity, kids settled in peace for ‘Burger Lunch.’

camp 9fcamp 9h

camp 9kcamp 9j

camp 9icamp 6

camp 9bcamp 9f
Towards the end, each kids was called on the stage and gifted a bansuri. All the 120 children on stage alongwith their educators created wonderful sounds of Bansuri Orchestra. The auditorium was filled with beautiful sounds of bansuri played by children. It was wonderful visuals that captured everyone with its sheer magic. Educators could not help dancing and enjoying to the impromptu bansuri tunes of little ones


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