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I-pad Animations, Japanese Puppet Making, Acrobats steal hearts of Primary kids!

Event : Art-Culture-Media Camp for primary kids
Date : 14th February 2015-02-18Venue : SVISG
Project Guide : Mrs. Neeta Rastogi (Principal)
Idea conceived by : Ms. Niranjana Midha, Head – Primary Department
Idea Appreciation : Ms. Santosh Vyas (Academic Supervisor)
Idea Execution : Ms. Ranjana, Ms. Rita, Ms. Dilpreet, Ms. Prem,
Ms. Meena, Ms. Sunita
Idea Implementation : CHINH Early Education Web Channel

Primary Department under the leadership of Ms. Niranjana Midha in collaboration with CHINH Early Education Web Channel, winner of Digital Inclusion Award for the best ICT project in Education organised one day “Art-Culture-Media Camp” on 14th February in the school premises from 9 am to 1 pm.

Objective of the camp was to engage kids in exploring, understanding and enquiring about Art, Culture and Media in guided environment with professionals using pedagogical approach with hands on activities. On one hand the camp exposed kids to latest apps of animation in I-pad animation and on the other hand kids were exposed to rich cultural heritage through Acrobatic show by a young girl from Nat community from rural India. Q & A session of girls with the young acrobat touched a chord with everyone. Introduction of Japanese Puppet making art called BUNDRAKU was loved by one and all. While educators weaved an interesting interaction of SARANGI WALA with children keeping in view their lesson from curriculum based on the same, the Sparrow Whistle Orchestra stole the show where each kid participated in designing jungle sounds.






The camp took a magical start for kids when Magician Mr. Rehman left the young audience mesmerized with his innovative magical tricks. He invited little girls on stage and engaged them in assisting him to play magic tricks.



The amused kids were given fruit break to get prepared for a set of hands-on-activities carefully chosen by the CHINH team. The focal activity in the camp based on educating kids on recycling paper was Japanese Puppet Making – BUNDRAKU. The kids were assisted by Japanese Puppetry expert Mr. Vivek and his team to create newspaper puppets that went on for colouring by the group busy in splashing colours. The colouring team was first exposed to handle plain sheets with colours and then were given puppets for colouring.






The screening of German Animation film left kids in splits. After watching the animation film, students were introduced to create their own animation on a Canadian Animation App Mclaren to create animation through shapes. Students thoroughly enjoyed their time on I-pads.
Apart from contemporary media art forms, the kids were exposed to folk art through workshops on Sarangi and Bapang. Educators of class 2 also found linkages of the Sarangi activity with the a chapter titled “Sarangiwala” from their curriculum and made it more enriching for students by active participation.




After hand-on-activities kids were taken to ground where a young acrobat girl was all set to welcome them with her performance on rope. She demonstrated extraordinary acrobatic acts which left kids speechless. After her show, a Q and A session was set up by CHINH educators where girls asked her many questions. The acrobat girl ‘GANGA’ addressed their questions and told the girls that she learnt it while she was a child and her focus on the bamboo at the end helps her to achieve the act. The young girls in the camp got enlightened on the fact that Ganga possessed rich life skills and they got inspired to work and practice hard. Educators actively facilitated the conversation.




After the acrobatic show was the time for Aloo Poori lunch. Kids satiated their hunger with Aloo Poori, Juice and biscuits.
The last phase of the workshop was a complete surprise for students when each one of them was given a sparrow whistle and was invited on stage. The kids were trained on how to create sounds of sparrows in different moods and create a jungle ambience. Children trained on Sarangi played music and bapang sounds created a fine orchestra of whistle and music. This was the moment for Bundraku puppets to dance to their tunes. Students were trained on making puppets dance on music by the experts. The camp came to an end but the smiles it generated on kids faces would last long.














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